The professional floor support and levelling system


Handles even the most difficult slopes and uneven surfaces with ease.

Uneven features

Height adjustments from 17cm to 2m, making it suitable for any installation.

Infinite height

Obstructions such as parapet and low walls are easily overcome.

Floorstak handles ground obstructions

FloorStak opens up new possibilities for imaginative Event Organisers

Imagination is the only limitation

No costly scaffold hire. The installer is in full control of the project.

No need for scaffolding

Meets the requirements of BS EN 13714:2005 and BS EN 13782:2005.

Quality Assured

Adds an extra dimension to any event …….Weddings……..Parties………..Corporate ……… Product launch

Some Examples of FloorStak Installations and usage.

Covered Occasions
Covered Occasions. Private party on riverside location with spectacular views over English countryside
Floorstak in action at Showmans Show 2016
Röder HTS, UK. Exhibition tent at Showman’s Show 2016
Floorstak at Bristol Balloon Festival
Showplace UK. Installation of corporate entertainment / viewing Pagodas for Bristol Balloon Festival
Structural - SA - France
Structural - SA - France. Permanent clubhouse installation for Chartres Rugby Club.
Wedding party tent on Baltic coast
Stopteltat Oy, Finland. Wedding party tent on Baltic coast
Organic Concept, Belgium. Fine Dining venue for conclusion of Marketing Conference, University of Leuven
Organic Concept, Belgium. Fine Dining at Marketing Conference, University of Leuven


Nothing shows the flexibility of FloorStak better than watching it being used.
Click to watch the video below.

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