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Kataja Event Oy

Ahertajankatu 12-14
04440 Järvenpää

Phone Number:
+358 207 479 010


Kataja Event is a Finnish company that specialises solely in renting and selling structures to the event sector and has over ten years competence in business.

Kataja Event delivers event space according to your needs. With our range of tents, furnitures, stages, audience stands and temporary structures we can provide a working solution for both small and large events. Invite all the people you want as space will not be a problem.

 “FloorStak played a major role for us during our busy season in 2013. We used them on large and small projects alike in Finland, for example at the World Ice Hockey Championships and at the Fashion Weekend, both events in Helsinki.  Specific advantages of FloorStak are that it saves us on working time and transportation costs, as well as being a very safe system to use and easy to handle and store.”

Rauno Meriläinen
Kataja Event Oy

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